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These are limited in supply and not just pretty paint either. I use the original bulb socket. I unsolder the old wire, and solder correct color-coded wire to them. The bullet connectors are soldered on as well. The length of new wire within the new loom is taped. The bucket is blasted and the adjusters repaired as needed. They are then primed and painted at which point the new loom is attached. There is more to it than this but you get the point. Before they go in the box, ground is checked from the inner ring (grounding point for bulb) to the outer bucket. I use a Simpson 260 Analog VOM in my work. Price is $250 for the pair.


Limited in supply. Available in deluxe (shown) and super deluxe with the trim on top. Complete disassembly followed by blasting the outside and the inside of each outer housing. At this point broken ¼- 20 studs are removed and new ones brazed in place if required. Any holes from blasting are welded shut and a thin coat of high quality polymer filler is used to hide imperfections. Priming and glaze to fill scratches follows with lots of wet sanding and a final prime before the finish coat of lacquer is applied. Why lacquer. It is the base for all finish coats. What this means to you is any finish coat can be applied over the surface without removing the old paint. Wet sanding with 400 of course is required before your color is applied. I use the original inner bucket too. The sockets in the repros are chintzy and they don’t fit well either. You may have noticed that I do not sell them and that is the reason. The bulb socket retainer is removed and the inner bucket blasted in and out. New color-coded wire is soldered to new terminals. The bucket is painted in and out. Before the bulb socket retainer is riveted to the bucket, I remove paint and apply a coat of silicone grease in the area where the rivets seat to insure good electrical contact. A new lens and gasket are held in place with 6-32 brass or stainless fillister screws incorporating the original angle clamps. Any trim is dinged if needed, sanded and polished. A stainless screw holds the bezel. The stiffeners are included and have been restored as well. Deluxe $300 Pair. Super deluxe $350 Pair.