About Mark

I have owned and worked on 1941-1948 Ford cars since 1967 and began selling parts via the antique auto flea market in 1979. From then till now I have parted over 100 cars and have removed parts from 100’s more in junkyards from New York to Colorado. I presently have 30+ parts cars. I also have complete cars for sale. Most of my cars and body parts are from the western states, where rust is not much of a problem. I buy quantities of New Old Stock when I can find it. With that much experience you would expect me to know how these cars go together and I do. Hoods, doors, fenders, grills, deck lids, seats, clocks, speedometers, gage clusters, dashboards, interior trim, body side moldings, fender moldings and more. I also sell reproduction parts. I use the same reproduction parts on my own vehicles that I offer for sale. I know what fits and what does not. If I were not happy with the fit I would not expect you to be. Therefore I only sell reproduction that fits and works. My articles on 41-48 Ford have appeared in the V-8 Times, the publication of The Early Ford V-8 Club. I am also a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America and an advisory board member of the NADA Collector Edition.